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Award Winning Services

We deliver award-winning printing from the most impressive national network of printing operations offered by the industry.

Our presses are some of the largest-capacity presses in the country. They produce up to 192 tabloid pages or 96 broadsheet pages in 4-color and a maximum of 256 tabloid pages or 144 broadsheet pages. At press speeds up to 70k copies per hour, we far exceed the capabilities of most print manufacturers.

usa today paper

What Makes Us Remarkable

To provide our clients with world-class color and registration, our presses are exceptionally well maintained and operated by extremely talented and tenured press crews. We have invested in the latest technology including digital plate benders, digital inking, closed-loop color registration monitoring, and tool-less plate lockups. We are proud to offer our Denex totalizing system – an automated production management system that provides critical real-time data, allowing us to monitor our entire production operation instantaneously.

Gannett Publishing Services offers many different newspaper and publication-size options with 21”, 21.5”, 22” and 22.75” presses. Additionally, in-line gluing, trimming, stitching, quarter folding and inserting are available on many of our press lines.

Our investments in technology and personnel have directly resulted in numerous quality awards from several prestigious print associations from USA TODAY, The New York Times and many prestigious print associations including the Printing Industries of America and the International Gallery of Superb Printing.