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Route Optimization Solutions

Route optimization solutions from Gannett Publishing Services put you in control of route operations. Gannett’s route optimization team provides your operation with a powerful suite of tools, analytics, and services for realigning carrier routes. Effective route optimization drives costs out of your delivery operation and helps you understand and maintain contractor profitability to minimize carrier turnover.

Our route optimization team has optimized thousands of delivery routes across the U.S. and have the proven expertise to work collaboratively with your team to provide solutions that make sense.

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Network Analytics

Effective network optimization starts with a holistic understanding of your market. Our analysis starts with an understanding of what your maximum potential is and provides optimization solutions that help you achieve your goals.

Home Delivery Route Optimization

Intelligent optimization accounts for differing route characteristics, zoning and placement requirements, and For daily routing and staying on top of changes to routes, RouteSmart Online provides a hosted managed service for automating the daily tasks associated with dispatching carriers with accurate delivery lists and equipping distribution managers with tools for responding to issues.

Single Copy Optimization

Single copy route optimization solutions from GPS provide your newspaper with the flexibility to achieve on-time delivery to your most important retailers while leveraging the strength of standalone or combination distribution with home delivery.

For more information, contact Tony Simmons, Director/Distribution Operations & Technology at 703-854-5307 or